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Huddle Capital is a straightforward, peer to peer business lending platform, matching investors with borrowers, to support the growth of UK SMEs.

Earn attractive rates of interest by lending to established businesses. Up to 16% pa.*

*Maximum lending rate. Your returns may be higher or lower. Your capital is at risk. Investments not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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What are the benefits of Huddle?

How does Huddle work?

Huddle is an interactive online P2P lending platform designed to match borrowers and lenders with each other, to provide lending opportunities that can benefit SME’s, businesses and startups in the UK. We personally vet each borrowing candidate to ensure that lenders using our platform are given better peace of mind. All lenders should seek financial advice prior to purchasing loans, as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

What is Huddle?

Huddle Capital are a P2P lending platform that aims to not only match borrowers with lenders to fund their business needs, but also offer a great educational resource within the P2P lending sector. Huddle Capital also provides lenders with the opportunity to obtain higher yields, on their investments, in comparison to traditional loans.

Who is Huddle for?

Huddle is for investors looking to support borrowers and support the growth of SME’s, businesses and startups. Our P2P lending platform allows lenders to view approved loans and select their preferred opportunity. Through our peer to peer business lending platform, we aim to bring higher returns on investments to lenders, with past loans yielding 15% AER (Gross past returns are not indicative of future returns). We offer our lenders the ability to achieve healthy yields and make their money work harder.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

*During 2019 an Interest Only Loan of 150K was written off to bad debt. This was a loan secured by motor vehicles. Following this bad debt Huddle no longer offer this type of facility without having a property charge.
**Calculations for expected loss does not include the 150K loan secured by motor vehicles as the product is no longer available.

Last update: 18/02/2020

The risks of P2P lending

At Huddle Capital, we aim to educate our lenders in order to make the most informed lending decisions. Lending to businesses carries risk. By lending to businesses, you could lose all or part of your capital and any unpaid interest. As with any investment, risk associated with P2P lending should be considered before parting with your capital. If unsure, please consult with a financial investment advisor.

As with every investment, Peer to Peer business lending carries risks, these include but are not limited to;

  • P2P is not protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme that protects more traditional investment and bank deposits, who cover losses up to a certain amount.
  • There is a default risk associated with lending to UK businesses, whereby the borrower may not be able to afford to pay the interest on the loan, part of the loan or the full amount they have borrower. It is important that lenders review all documents provided about a lending opportunity before investing.
  • Despite our extensive efforts to conduct the most complete checks possible, assess borrower suitability and ensure their understanding of business, Huddle cannot assure lenders that borrowers will be able to implement their desired business strategies. Lenders must ensure they read all of the information submitted by the borrower and make their own judgment, or consult with a professional, prior to investing.
  • Huddle may rely on third parties to introduce borrower business, only accepting vetted intermediaries, all relationships are reviewed on an annual basis.
  • P2P lending to SME’s is not liquid, which means once you have committed to lending, you will need to wait for the agreed period to get your money back. However, Huddle Capital oers a secondary market, that allows other investors to buy the loan. This may result in loss of capital, dependant on if the value the loan is sold for. Divesting via the secondary market is dependent on supply and demand as such we cannot guarantee how long it may take to divest.
  • Should Huddle Capital no longer exist, is unable to trade or chooses to no longer trade, then all loans will be managed seamlessly by appointed third party,
  • As with all investments, it is critical to remember that your capital is at risk.
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