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A groundbreaking peer to business lending platform! Easy yet simple to use platform where lenders and borrowers come together to make asset backed transactions happen.


  • We believe in building longer term personal relationships / partnerships. We meet all borrowers face to face for that personal touch to really understand your business needs.
  • All decisions are made quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide creative bespoke solutions that will effectively fit your funding needs.
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  • We focus on a hyper niche so that we can serve our investors better.
  • We believe in educating, learn from us and each other.
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Who is Huddle for?

Huddle is open to private and business investors looking to get higher returns on their hard earned savings.

You’ve worked hard and built up a nice and healthy saving only to find that traditional investments are not offering the returns you need. You don’t have the time to shop around and research other investment opportunities, so you stick to what you know!

If this sounds like you, then Huddle Capital could just be that alternative you are looking for. We offer you the opportunity to lend your money to UK based small and medium sized businesses (SME).

We are also open to business borrowers, allowing you to raise money quickly from private investors and other businesses. We take a personal approach, ensuring a tailor made solution to your financing needs.

Why are we different?

How does it work?

Investor Process

  1. 1. Sign Up / legalities
  2. 2. Join Huddle
  3. 3. Find the right match
  4. 4. Invest
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Borrower Process

  1. 1. Sign up / legalities
  2. 2. Join Huddle
  3. 3. Find the right match
  4. 4 .Get funded
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Huddle is built on the principle of educating the investor. Get access to educational and informative content via accessing our blogs and find out everything you need to know about business to business lending.


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Founding Investors means Investors who meet the Terms and Conditions set out in this document and is only open to the first 100 Investors on a first come first serve basis.

Huddle 100 Offer means a Reward for the first tranche of funds invested by the first 100 investors, in a Loan Offer on the Huddle Capital Platform. The Reward is open to Corporate and Private lenders on a first come first serve basis. The first 100 investors will automatically qualify for this offer.

Huddle 100 Terms mean the terms and conditions as set out in this document.

Huddle Capital Platform means the electronic marketplace where Borrowers list their loan offers and Investors can lend to the Borrower subject to due diligence of the borrower and an assessment of credit and other risks posed by the borrower.

Loan Offer means a borrower loan listed on the platform and one which has not been fully funded.

Reward means a credit of 20% of the first tranch of funds invested in a Loan Offer on the Huddle Capital Platform. The Reward shall be capped to a maximum of £1000 and investors will be required to meet the terms and conditions set out in this document and specifically in clause 5 below. For example, £100 invested in a loan will qualify for a £20 Reward, whilst £5,000 (and more) invested shall qualify for £1,000 Reward.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Huddle 100 Terms are a supplement to the general Lender Terms and Conditions found on the Huddle website. In the event of any conflict, between the Huddle 100 Terms and the Lender Terms and Conditions, the Huddle 100 Terms shall prevail.
  2. The Huddle 100 Offer is open to all eligible Investors, however limited to the first 100 on a first come first serve basis. This offer is open to private investors and corporate investors (investing through a limited company).
  3. The first 100 Founding Investors shall automatically qualify for the Huddle 100 Offer. However Founding Investors shall only qualify for a Reward once they invest their funds in a Loan Offer on the Huddle Capital Platform. If the Founding Investor does not invest any funds on a Loan Offer within 30 days of registering for a user account on the Huddle Capital Platform, Huddle Capital shall have the right to transfer the Huddle 100 Offer to other investors, in which case, the Founding Investor shall lose their right to claim the Reward.
  4. To become eligible for the Huddle 100 Offer and entitled to receive the Reward, Investors must meet the following conditions:
    • Investors must be eligible to become Investors on the Huddle Capital platform by meeting the general Terms and Conditions that apply to Lenders. Lender Terms
    • Investors must invest funds in a Loan Offer on the Huddle Platform. There is no minimum amount required to be invested, however the Reward shall be capped to £1,000.
    • The reward is only open to the first 100 eligible Investors who invest in an active Loan Offer on the Huddle Capital platform
  5. The Reward will be credited to the Investor’s user account on the Huddle Capital platform within 30 days of the first funds invested in a Loan Offer.
  6. The Reward represents a credit on the Investor’s, providing the investor an opportunity to earn interest on the credit amount, provided that money is invested. The investor can withdraw a cash equivalent of the Reward after a period of six months subsequent to the Reward being credited to their account.
  7. No alternative to the Reward is available.
  8. The Reward is available on the first £5,000 invested on the platform in one or more loans, whether in one lump sum or in stages. For example, if the investor invests, £1,000 in the first loan and subsequently invests a further £2000 in the same loan or another loan, within 30 days of registering, then they qualify for a total reward of £600 and not £200.
  9. In the case of a dispute arising in relation to the conditions of the Huddle 100 Offer, Huddle Capitals decision shall be final and binding on the Investor.
  10. Huddle Capital reserves the right to amend, withdraw, or extend any or all elements of the Huddle 100 Offer at any time by giving notice to an Investor’s email address provided by the Investor and held on record by Huddle Capital.
  11. Huddle Capital is a limited company registered in England and Wales, registration number 10238385, registered business address Graphical House, Wharf Street, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS2 7EQ, Telephone number, 0113 468 1408.
  12. These Terms are governed by English law and the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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