We are Huddle Capital. A unique P2P lending platform that aims to educate both lenders and borrowers. We strive to provide our users with helpful advice and information, that builds a better and more knowledgeable P2P lending community.

Why Huddle?

Huddle Capital allows our lenders to lend to small to medium businesses, offering the opportunity for high returns and the ability to diversify your investment portfolio. We believe that through supporting UK-based SMEs, we are able to support the growth of the UK economy and ensure the growth of privately owned businesses. We strive to build a well informed and confident community of investors, who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed investment decisions.

Huddle Capital P2P lending platform allows both seasoned and novice investors to get to grips with the lending market. Our P2P lending platform allows you to invest as little as £5 and no maximum investment, with the potential to gain instant returns on interest.

At Huddle Capital, we like to build relationships, that’s why we host regular events which allow both borrowers and lenders to meet one another and ourselves, in order to share knowledge and build a more informed community.
Huddle Capital is a subsidiary of Access Commercial Finance, an FCA regulated firm launched in September 2014, directly providing loans to SMEs or facilitating them through a panel of 80 business lenders.

What are the risks?

As with every investment, P2P lending is not without risks and as always, we strongly recommend that you consult with a professional financial advisor prior to making any new investments. It is important to remember that your capital is at risk and you should therefore assess every investment opportunity individually. There are always a higher number of risks when investing in small and medium enterprises, compared to traditional investments, due to constant changes within the economy and political obscurity when we consider the likes of Brexit.

Unique investment opportunities

P2P lending through Huddle Capital aims to utilise the UK’s low interest rates, to offer lenders potentially higher yields on their investments. The P2P lending market is considered reasonably easy to break into, with a constant stream of borrowers requiring capital from private lenders. The lack of bank loans offered to these SMEs has resulted in a wealth of opportunity and variety of loan opportunities, for lenders to tap into. Huddle Capital are also able to offer a variety of loans, which span across a variety of industries and encompass both secured and unsecured loans, which offer differing return rates of investment which often fall in line with the associated risk.

Huddle Capital core values

At Huddle Capital, our highly experienced team of experts work with honesty and integrity to insure both our lenders and borrowers are in safe hands. With a mantra to always be open and clear with our customers, our team of professionals strive to always provide our potential investors with a complete background for each borrowing opportunity. With face to face screenings conducted for every borrower, our customers are never at risk of investing in opportunities that we ourselves would not consider.

Huddle Capital approach

At Huddle Capital, we approach every P2P lending opportunity individually, ensuring we carry our sufficient due diligence checks and screenings before opening opportunities up to our lending community. Our hybrid approach utilises traditional methods of meeting our clients face to face, whilst incorporating a technologically driven online platform, offering our lenders the ability to track their investments, any time, any where. We believe in meeting borrowers to ensure that we build strong, long-term relationships, which we feel can contribute to reducing the risks associated with P2P lending.

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