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The Huddle Group

Over the years, the Group has originated a substantial portfolio of loans to a range of creditworthy and professional borrowers.

The Group offers investors the opportunity to invest in high calibre debt deals to make market beating returns on their investments.

Huddle works to achieve fair returns for investors whilst also to provide support to UK businesses, which haven’t been given the finance to grow. By connecting the two together, businesses are given the opportunity to thrive, and investors access to attractive returns on their savings.

The Market Opportunity

Huddle has identified strong growth potential in this area, due to the high volume of unserved demand for SME Finance in respect of borrowers, but also in light of the current low yield environment in the debt markets, and is able to offer a higher rate of return to investors.

There is a substantial gap being left open by traditional lenders, who are often constrained by regulation, a low risk appetite and complex internal processes. We have stepped into this gap with our core objective being to not just benefit investors, but also a large number of SME’s who were previously unable to access finance to grow their businesses.

Our Approach

Huddle Capital is responsible for the origination and the management of the loans made through the Group. We also underwrite and structure the initial funding of the loans, and subsequently match it with investor funds in order to generate returns.

 This means that we co-invest in every opportunity so investors can be assured that by retaining a proportion of the loan exposure we are highly incentivised to minimise the risk involved in every investment opportunity.

Within the Group, we approach every lending opportunity individually, ensuring we carry out substantial due diligence checks and screenings before opening opportunities up to our lending community. Our hybrid approach utilises traditional methods of meeting our clients face to face, whilst incorporating a technologically driven online platform, offering our lenders the ability to track their investments, anytime, anywhere. We also believe in meeting borrowers to ensure that we build strong, long-term relationships, which we feel also contributes to reducing the risks associated with SME lending. 

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