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Terry Fisher


A highly entrepreneurial career: Terry Founded Travelworld at age 19. Terry’s Specialties include strategy management, leadership, and business development.

Nick King

Finance Director

Nick has been working as a Non Exec FD for various businesses over the past 10 years and provides advice on financial and corporate strategy. Nick has over 25 years experience in accountancy, with 15 years specialising in the corporate finance sector. Since 2008 he’s also built up his own Accountancy & Corporate Finance business.

Paul Cooper

Legal Counsel, Risk & Compliance Director

Paul is a qualified and practising solicitor, forming part of our Board. Starting his career at Citibank NA. Paul has since worked in one of the largest law firms in Yorkshire before setting up his own boutique law firm for 8 years. He has over 20 years’ experience of lending at every level from multinationals to start-up businesses.

Emily Rackham

Credit Manager

Emily has many years experience working within the banking sector, including seven years at Yorkshire Bank as an Underwriter for SME lending.

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