As we edge closer to 2017, it is important for savers and investors alike to understand your investment options, recognising where next year’s investment plans will gain you the best ROI.
Many investors will look almost instantaneously at traditional investments as a solid, reliable investment strategy. However, in the current low yield environment, it’s hard to generate real returns on investment, especially when taking fees of the traditional investment forms into account.
Traditional investments have many other drawbacks:

  • They generally tend to be expensive with fees loaded at the front end and often with trailing annual fees, regardless of the performance .
  • Investors generally can’t directly invest in underlying assets, but have to rely on the discretion of the investment managers.
  • For lower risk deposits, savers hardly end up getting any returns and taking inflation into account, you may actually be getting negative returns – in other words, the savings actually end up costing you money instead of making you any money.
  • The products you get will more than often depend align with the commissions that intermediaries or advisors are paid. You may not always end up getting the investment that is the best or right for you.

Enter peer to peer business lending

There are truly great alternatives out there, that not only offer attractive returns, but also puts you in the control seat.
peer to peer business lending, as previously discussed, has grown incredibly in the UK and around the globe, over the last 11 years. These investment vehicles offer formidable alternatives to traditional investments. In fact they are becoming so prominent that they are now no longer seen as alternative investments, but rather as diversified asset classes that should be part of a balanced investment portfolio. They’ve also proven to offer higher returns because they generally will have a high risk profile.

What is peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending, is an innovative way of investing. Peer to Peer lenders are market makers bringing investors and borrowers together, and allowing investors to lend money directly to the borrower. The platform itself charges a small arrangement fee and the investor is often free to negotiate the interest rate directly with the borrower. As a result, investors have found that they end up getting a higher return compared with more traditional investments.
Find out more about peer 2 peer lending here.
If you’re looking to get more from your investment, peer to peer business lending may just be the the right option for you to consider. For more information you can follow our blogs and explore further topics, or sign up to our newsletter to get content sent directly to your inbox.



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