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With the UK’s interest rates at an all-time low, peer to peer lending via alternative investments can offer potentially higher yields compared with traditional investments. Huddle Capital gives you the opportunity to invest in attractive loans to UK small and medium sized businesses which may give you a better return on your investment, when compared to traditional investments.

To date, all loans have achieved an interest rate of at least 12% p/a, many of which offer immediate returns*.

Why invest via Huddle Capital?

  • We believe in educating, learn from us and each other
  • Huddle Capital is an alternative investments platform with a difference
  • We will not let our customers invest in any lending opportunity that we would not invest in ourselves
  • We strive to deliver high returns to our investors, whilst minimising their risks

How does it work?

Becoming an investor via Huddle Capital couldn’t be easier! Simply follow our 7 step process and you’ll be investing in no time!

1. Join the Huddle community

2. Meet the criteria

3. Find your perfect loan

4. Complete the legalities

5. Join our community

6. Invest!

7. Start to see your ROI

You can find out more about how it works, here!

Before you start investing, you should consider the risks of lending to small and medium sized businesses. Read more about the risks of business lending here.


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