Private Investors

For private investors, P2P lending offers you the opportunity to expand your portfolio and diversify.

Through purchasing loans on Huddle Capital, you will discover unique opportunities, unavailable across other P2P lending platforms.

Diversification of an investment portfolio into P2P lending means that your investments are not all affected by the rise and fall of stock markets or the market. With loans available to purchase and a historical track record of similar loan offering better returns than some tradition investments, private investors can benefit from high yields when considering P2P lending.

Through diversifying a traditional investment portfolio, by introducing a P2P investment, you will appreciate the benefits of both worlds. P2P lending is different to traditional lending in that it typically is unaffected by the markets, therefore, your agreed interest is exactly what you will receive on your investment*.

As a private investor, you should ensure that you discuss your investments with a professional financial advisor, but also keep up to date with changes it the overall current economic state, to create more informed decisions.

*By lending to businesses, your capital is at risk. If the borrower defaults you could lose all or some of your capital and unpaid interest.

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