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Welcome to Huddle Capital, an innovative P2P lending platform which offers unique opportunities to those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Our secure and closely managed system ensures the protection of our lenders and ensures they have the capability to carefully monitor their returns through our online portal.

We check your criteria

In order to become a lender on the Huddle Capital platform, you must meet a set criteria. All potential investors will be measured against the same stipulations, in order for Huddle to ensure we are providing a duty of care to our customers. This process is often carried out without any input from lenders following the registration, however, occasionally one or team will get in touch to gather additional information. We urge all of our lenders to thoroughly research P2P lending, the risks associated and carefully consider all opportunities prior to making an investment.

We complete the legalities

Our necessary and comprehensive checks, ensure that all transactions that take place on the Huddle P2P lending platform, are in line with anti-money laundering checks. We ensure that all of the legalities are completed in-house prior to any investments taking place, with all lenders and borrowers agreeing to our terms and conditions prior to using Huddle.

We welcome you to our community

Once all of our due diligence has been completed, you will then gain access to all of our current investment opportunities. You will be able to access the P2P lending platform and use it to become part of the ever growing P2P lending community. We encourage all of our lenders to read the wealth of literature available on site, as well as utilising forums, news and other sources of information to learn more about P2P investing.

Your new Huddle membership opens up a wealth of opportunities such as access to members-only events where you will be able to learn, share ideas and meet with other like-minded investors. Look out for invites to exclusive webinars, featuring guest speakers and members of the Huddle team, who can offer valuable insights into the market and advice on how to manage these changes.

You start investing

Once the registration is complete, you can begin investing, by transferring funds into your Huddle Capital account. This can be completed through a money transfer directly from your bank account, into your Huddle account. Deposits are held in a designated client account at Barclays bank, offering our users peace of mind and ensures the safety of your funds.

As an investor, whether you are an expert or novice, should consult with a financial advisor if you are unsure on processes and risks associated with various forms of investing. Prior to investing, all lenders should ensure they research and understand that your capital is at risk and become fluent in the processes associated with P2P lending.

How do loan parts work?

A loan part is the portion of the loan, you want to purchase. This works in the following way:

  • A borrower requires a £100,000 loan
  • You want to invest £10,000
  • Each section of the loan may amount to £1,000
  • You purchase ten parts to amount to the £10,000 investment

Huddle Capital also offer an auto-invest option, which utilises the use of an algorithm to determine which loans meet the lender’s criteria and will automatically set up investments and purchase loans. Capital is only release to a borrower once all loan parts have been purchases and the investment has been filled.

When does my ROI commence?

Interest is paid from the moment a loan has started, with interest returned alongside the principal payments, which are then released back to the investor. Huddle Capital manage the debt carefully, and ensure that procedures are in place to recover any bad debts, should these occur. It is important that you understand if a borrower is unable to repay their interest and/or principal payments, any outstanding capital is at risk and P2P lending through Huddle Capital is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.

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