Who operates Huddle Capital?

Access Commercial Finance is the parent holding company for Huddle Capital, and is already an established and successful player within the UK business lending market with a proven ability to originate high-quality business lending at attractive rates of interest.

How are your loans originated?

Borrowers find us through our website and are able to directly apply for financing. We also originate loans through a close association with third party introducers such as accountants and lawyers who have a close relationship with their business clients and are able to advise them on the best financing option available. Because of this partnership, we hope to attract high quality borrowers.

How do you assess your borrowers?

We only want to offer our investors highly curated lending opportunities, with this in mind we have a stringent assessment process in place for our loans.

In addition, Huddle Capital co-invests in every opportunity so clients can be assured that by retaining a proportion of the loan exposure we are highly incentivised to minimise the risk involved in every investment opportunity.

When we assess a new borrower we take in account a number of factors:

  • Credit referencing agencies (directors, shareholders and members of company)
  • Financial standing of the business (inc trends of performance)
  • Track record of the management team
  • The business’s cash flow and overall ability to repay the loan

Can I cancel my investment?

You can cancel your registration at any time until you start investing. Once your investment has began you are unable to cancel any loans in progress, however, you are permitted to sell on your loans on the secondary market. There is no fee for the secondary market

Can I access my money before the end of the loan term?

Once a loan is in progress you are unable to access your funds, however, you are permitted to sell on your loans on the secondary market. This is a free service. Purchases are subject to demand from lenders.

How do I invest my money?

If you wish to become an investor at Huddle Capital you will first need to register on our platform. You will then need to be verified by our system – once this is complete you will be able to deposit funds securely by a bank transfer.
Once your funds are deposited you can then review our borrowing requests and choose your investments. Once you have selected which lending opportunity you would like to invest in, just click the ‘invest’ button and select what amount you would like to lend the borrower.

How much money can I invest?

The minimum loan that an investor can invest is as little as £100 but there is no maximum with Huddle Capital. In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations larger amounts in excess of £20,000 may be subject to additional security checks.

What fees do I have to pay?

Investors do not pay any fees to invest through Huddle Capital. Our fees are paid by the borrower.

What returns can I expect?

Depending on the type of investment you are making, and the level of risk associated we currently offer loans with a return from 6% – 14%*, depending on the strength of the loan. Bear in mind that your actual return may be lower, taking into account default rates and your own personal tax situation.

What happens if a borrower stops paying?

If a borrower discontinues their loan repayments then Huddle Capital will commence default procedures after the second missed repayment.

What are your complaints procedures?

Customers of Huddle Capital can raise a complaint by email, phone or by post. We take any complaint very seriously, and in addition to responding and resolving any complaints, we also seek to identify any underlying weaknesses in our procedures and resolve them accordingly.
For our detailed complaints procedure, click here.

Is Huddle Capital Regulated?

Huddle is an Appointed Representative of rebuildingsociety.com, who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We therefore operate under their regulated license.

How Do I Qualify To Become an Investor on Huddle Capital Website?

To qualify as an investor, private investors, ISA investors and their directors will be required to undergo an identify and anti-money laundering checks. You must also be prepared to invest at least £100 for every investment you make on the platform.

How long are we locked into the investment?

Any uninvested funds can be withdrawn at any time. However, once your funds are invested in a loan, they will only be repaid over the life of the loan. Of course, you can always sell your loan on the secondary market.

Can I automate the investment process?

We do have an autobid feature on our platform that allows your funds to be automatically invested based on the criteria you choose. Please bear in mind that this does not in any way constitute us providing you with investment advice or services similar to a discretionary fund. The autobid feature will invest in exactly the way you ask it to invest

How do we deal with defaults?

Firstly, we always lend on the back of security. As a minimum, we ask for a Director’s guarantee. Collateral shall be held in a Trust Company for your benefit. We will monitor the loan and collect payments or manage any defaults. Where a default has occurred, we will use the collateral that the trust company holds to recover as much of the loan as is possible.

How do I calculate my tax liability?

We provide you with access to a tax statement which shows your interest income for each tax period. You can use this on your self assessment or give it to your accountant.

Do borrowers have to meet minimum criteria before they qualify to borrow on the platform.

Yes, before applying for a loan through Huddle Capital, borrowers will need to meet minimum eligibility criteria:

  • They must have a UK bank or building society account to facilitate repayments
  • They must be registered via UK Companies House
  • The business and Directors must meet minimum credit and fraud risk criteria which may include obtaining a minimum score from credit reference agencies
  • Their business must not have any outstanding CCJs
  • They must have registered through our online platform before we accept the loan and it is uploaded.

How are interest rates set by Huddle?

We use a matrix to determine pricing for every loan. There are several factors that determine the pricing of a loan, including the following:

  • Period of trading
  • Loan type and structure
  • Amount of the loan
  • Term
  • Type and value of security
  • First or second charge lending
  • Underlying financial performance

What role does Huddle play to facilitate P2P loan agreements?

Different P2P lending platform provide different roles. We will:

  • Source lending opportunities
  • Provide an credit risk assessment
  • Present creditworthy applications on the marketplace for you to choose
  • Arrange the loan agreements
  • Facilitate financial transactions via a secure client account
  • Hold any collateral in a trust on behalf of lenders
  • Debt collection for late repayments
  • Debt restructuring
  • Debt enforcement of defaulted loans

We will not:

  • Provide a portfolio service whereby your funds are invested in loans without your knowledge

Is there FSCS cover?

No. Investments made on Huddle are not eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What are Huddle's Capital default rates and lending statistics?

Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

*During 2019 an Interest Only Loan of 150K was written off to bad debt. This was a loan secured by motor vehicles. Following this bad debt Huddle no longer offer this type of facility without having a property charge.
**Calculations for expected loss does not include the 150K loan secured by motor vehicles as the product is no longer available.

Last update: 18/02/2020



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