Corporate Investors

Corporate P2P lending offers an alternative method of boosting your businesses income, reinvesting back into SMEs forming partnerships and reaping the rewards.

Corporate businesses that are looking for new or expanding businesses to invest in, should consider Huddle Capital P2P lending. Utilising cash reserves to boost company profitability through purchasing loan parts can support a growing company and ultimately provide a future partnership with a like minded business. Alternatively, many P2P corporate lenders have no intention of assuming control of smaller companies, but rather place focus on steady returns and a reliable management of the platform and loan.

Investing in SME business growth can lead to healthy returns*, by analysing the current market and staying in tune with upcoming industries, your corporate investments will be more finely tuned to better ensure your success.

Support both your business and growing UK-based SMEs through investing extra capital in P2P lending. Purchasing a loan part can offer significant returns, and result in increased revenue into your business. P2P business lending also presents opportunities to network and develop working relationships with small to medium businesses, further building your company’s capabilities.

*By lending to businesses, your capital is at risk. If the borrower defaults you could lose all or some of your capital and unpaid interest.

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