Borrowers – How It Works

Welcome to Huddle Capital, a innovative P2P lending platform which allows borrowers to match with lenders, in order to secure the funding they need. Our unique and secure system ensures that our borrowers are closely vetted to ensure that you are able to make repayments on time and reduce risk for both parties.

We conduct compliance checks

Once you have submitted your information, we complete a number of compliance checks, including AML and credit checks. This allows us to ensure that all borrowers are subject to the same stipulations and ensure we are performing full due diligence to protect both lenders and borrowers.

You upload your application

Once Huddle Capital borrowers have passed all regulatory checks, your application can then be completed and uploaded. You will be required to upload supporting documents which can then be used to determine whether we approve your application. We will then review your application internally using the information provided.

Our underwriters process your application

Once complete, your application and supporting documents are sent to our underwriters for approval. The underwriting and decision process can take up to two weeks, and during this time our underwriters will determine if your details meet our requirements. Should your details fail to meet our requirements, the application will be sent to an additional underwriter for a secondary review. During the underwriting process, a member of the Huddle Capital team may contact you for further information. Our underwriters will contact you to inform you of your application success or refusal. Should your loan be rejected, we will work with you to find alternative opportunities to support your application, this includes partner firms such as Access Finance.

Your loan is approved

Once your loan has been approved, Huddle Capital will work closely with you to agree on pricing, terms and conditions and support you in developing a proposal. Following this, your loan will be published on the Huddle Capital P2P lending platform, where investors can view it and purchase loan parts.

Your repayments

Once the Huddle Capital investor community have bought your P2P loan and it is fully funded, you can then begin the drawdown process. During this process, you will begin to make your weekly repayments, which include the agreed interest and the principal payment.

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