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Become an Investor in Huddle Capital

By becoming an investor within the Huddle Capital Group, you can expand your investment portfolio and spread risk across multiple, high yielding opportunities. Whether you are a private lender, looking for new loans to purchase, a corporate lender looking to expand your income potential or an ISA investor who is looking to make the most out of tax-free returns, the Group will likely have an opportunity to suit you.

Huddle Capital co-invests in every lending opportunity offered to investors through its own balance sheet and retained profits. This could be partially, ranking pari passu with investors or in many circumstances we have fully filled loans ourselves if we have underwritten a deal on behalf of a borrower. This commits us even more to seek strong and creditworthy borrowers.

You can choose to invest through whichever of the various different structures we currently offer, to ensure this suits the type of investor you are and the amount you wish to invest

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Huddle Capital is our innovative, proprietary, Peer to Peer (P2P) ending platform, which offers unique investment opportunities to investors through our secure and closely managed system. 

Syndicated Loan Structures

Huddle Capital Group offers High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors the opportunity to directly participate into the larger deals that we underwrite, through our syndicated loan structures.

Managed Investment Bond

The perfect investment product for the hands off investors, combing high returns with high security, in a totally hassle free manner.

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