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Welcome to Huddle! Our purpose is to educate  you, the investor, on peer to business lending. Our platform allows you to invest in attractive loans to UK’s small and medium sized businesses, thereby making a valuable contribution to the UK economy.

The Huddle platform is open to both private and business investors, facilitating peer to business loans. Please remember that like all investments, lending to SME’s is not without risk and your capital may be at risk, so you should always seek professional advice if you are unsure of such investments.

We aim to inform businesses and investors what peer to business lending is and how it could benefit you as an investor and make a significant contribution to the UK economy. We are on a mission to build a well informed and confident community of private investors, just like you, who are ready to invest knowledgeably when we go to launch!

Huddle is a subsidiary of Access Commercial Finance, an FCA regulated firm launched in September 2014, directly providing loans to SMEs or facilitating them through a panel of 80 business lenders.

Innovative investments

With the UK’s interest rates at an all-time low, peer to business lending can offer potentially higher yields compared with traditional investments, simply because of the potential risks of small and medium enterprise. This market is also easy to tap into, because banks have left these borrowers out in the cold, creating significant gaps of opportunity for new age lenders to step into.

Huddle is able to offer secured business and real estate loan investments to you, our valued investors.

Our mission statement

“To provide investors the opportunity to earn high yield from lending to high quality and carefully screened businesses and real estate developers looking to raise finance to grow their business and make a meaningful contribution to improving the economy.”

Our values

Our approach

Our approach is truly different. Whilst we are using a modern tech platform, we are not forgetting about the traditional values and skills of lending face to face. We never make any lending decision without meeting the borrower at their place of business. We get to know them well and build strong long term relationships with our borrowers and you the lender.

At Huddle, we want you to be part of an investor and borrower community, where each of us strive to do what is in the best interest of the community. We like to HUDDLE together!

Why we are different?

  • We empower and educate our investors and place great value on learning together as a community.
  • We focus on facilitating lending between businesses and between private individuals and business borrowers. Our Borrowers are fast growing small and medium sized businesses and our chosen investors private individuals, freelancers operating through their own limited company or UK SME’s themselves, looking to lend to and help other SMEs
  • We are building a community that works for everyone. You’ll have the opportunity to meet borrowers as well as fellow investing companies. Apart from learning and networking, you may just end up generating more business through this community – you never really know!

You’ll notice lots of useful content and training on our website, because we realise that the world of finance is changing and we need to help you keep up with the changes. We also live by our ethos that both investors and our borrowers should only enter any financial transaction with full knowledge of the rewards and the risks that the transaction brings. Education and empowerment of our customers is paramount and ensuring that they are treated fairly is at the heart of everything we do.

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