In 2018, you may be looking for a new investment opportunity or potentially expanding your understanding of individual industries which will allow you to branch out further in the future and diversify your portfolio. Over the past few years, technology has been one of the key players when it comes to growth, with sectors within this such as the video game industry, which reached over $23billion in the US alone, in 2017. Now is the time get clued up on which industries you should learn more about and which may be on the downward spiral due to economic, political and social changes.


It is important to understand Cryptocurrency with its growing relevance within the overall investment and financial sector. With Bitcoin snatching the majority of the spotlight when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the currency grew from a value of $1,000 per coin to over $19,000 in mid-December of 2017. With the new year seeing a number of fluctuations already, investing in cryptocurrency can be a risky business, as with many opportunities, it is critical to making sure that you seek financial advice before using your capital make any significant investments.


Although we’ve seen significant peaks and troughs in the construction industry in recent years, recent developments and changes in incentives from the government for first-time buyers, look to result in an influx of demands on new builds, housing projects and renovations.

Sustainable and green energy

With the inevitable depletion of oil reserves, the global energy demand looks to shift towards sustainable and renewable green energy. The worldwide energy usage is only growing, with an expected growth of around 40% in the next 20 years, the demand for renewable energy sources only looks to propel forwards at an alarming rate. The industry also looks to receive a considerable investment from private and government funding sources, which will push for boosted research and development and building power plants such as hydropower and wind turbines.


For many, virtual reality might appear as a piece of technology that is reserved for the gaming and entertainment industry. However, the use of VR has rapidly expanded beyond this initial use to be used within industries including; workplace training and development, medicine and the support of mental health and within the marketing of products and services. Rapid growth is expected to continue in the next five years and offers a number of different sectors within this to invest in, depending on your personal preferences and predictions, this spans from education to consumer support to healthcare.

Technology and cybersecurity

With significant breaches of company data over the past few years, more companies are investing in developing cybersecurity systems to ensure the safety of their internal and customer data. Global spend on cybersecurity is expected to amount to over $1trillion dollars between 2017 to 2021, a significant growth from the condition of the market just 13 years prior, which was then valued at around $3.5billion.

It is important to research any industry that you intend on investing in to understand the current climate and view all available options for investment within this sphere. If you have questions about becoming an investor through the Huddle Capital platform or would like to know more, get in contact today.



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